Why do I Need a complete CIC Medical Exam for Canada Immigration?

In order to protect the health and safety of Canadians, the temporary resident’s applicants will have to undergo a medical exam. There are two types of Complete Medical CIC Exam, for the temporary residents and for the permanent residents.  

If you plan on visiting for six months or less, you will not need a medical exam if you plan on working for certain jobs. If you plan on visiting for more than six months then here are few requirements you need to cater to.

  • You have lived six months or more in a row.  
  • Will visit Canada to work in a job which requires public health to be protected.
  • Applying for grandparent or parent Visa.

complete medical check up

In case you require a medical examination, the visa office will let you know what you have to do next.  You will also have to apply for Complete Medical exam when you apply for permanent residency.  You family also needs to take the medical exam even if don’t accompany you.

Who will Do the Complete Medical CIC Exam?

You need to see a doctor from the listed panel physicians.  Keep in mind that your own doctor will not be able to perform the medical examination. The panel physician is going to do a complete checkup.  They might refer to the laboratory tests and the chest x-rays. If you know that the exam has been done, the physician will send you the test result.  The panel physicians are not the once who will take a decision when it comes to the medical examination. It is the immigration department that makes the decision. In case there is some problem with the medical examination that the visa office is going to contact you in writing.  

When to Get the Exam?

There are different ways to apply for the examination.  For this, you need to check the application instruction so that you know when you have to get examined.  

Wait For the Instructions Once You Submit the Application

The immigration department will send you instructions on how you have to get the medical examination done.  You have to go for the medical examination within thirty days of obtaining the instructions. In case you are making refugee claim at port of entry, a Border service officer is going to tell you to get a medical examination within just 30 days. If you fail to follow the instructions then the application might be rejected.

Get Your Exam before Submitting the Application

If you are applying to sponsor your partner, spouse, or child then you should know that a new spousal sponsorship program has come into effect in the year 2016.  Partners, spouses, and dependent children will no longer go for an upfront Complete Medical CIC Exam.

complete medical

Once the medical examination has been done, the doctor is going to offer you a document that confirms that you have gotten your medical exam.  Make sure that you include the copy of the document of the Complete Medical CIC Exam in the application. If the doctor works digitally, they are going to offer you an upfront medical printout of the notification. However, if the doctor works with a paper system then they will offer you the copy of the medical examination. You need to attach this with the form prior to submitting it to the visa office. In case you are applying online, you need to upload the form before you submit your application.