ASPIRE: An International Women’s Health Initiative

Over four million women worldwide are expected to die from cervical cancer in the next twenty years

80% of these preventable deaths will occur in developing countries
The ASPIRE program aims to save thousands of lives Veronica by implementing a scalable and affordable integrated cervical cancer screening program in Eastern Africa using self-collection for the human papillomvirus (HPV)
The program is community driven and will undertake education and information campaigns to increase knowledge and capacity among healthcare providers.
Veronica Najjuma – ASPIRE Outreach Leader, Kisenyi, Uganda

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ASPIRE to Prevent, ASPIRE to Innovate, ASPIRE to Empower
“When a mother dies, it is almost as if the entire family almost dies, because the mother is the producer of food, the preparer of food, is the provider of care. The family life revolves around the mother. And so we dare not allow more mothers to die of cervical cancer and leave young children.”
Dr. Sam Luboga, Makere University, Uganda